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Poker Online Opportunities Suit Every Type Of Player

Poker OnlineWhile it is convenient to group all poker players together as being similar, there is a lot to be said for there being many different types of poker players. This is the same for all walks of life and no matter what style of activity people enjoy, it will be possible to break the group down into smaller groups. This may be something that marketing departments do to ensure that they promote their offerings more effectively but in reality, it can be done to ensure that people get the most fun and enjoyment from the activity that they like.

When it comes to considering the different style of poker online players, you don’t need to think too hard. There will be some players that enjoy the social aspect of playing poker. Knowing that you are sharing an activity with other people from all around the world is something that a lot of people appreciate.

There will be poker players that have spare time and like to play poker as a form of entertainment. The money aspect may not be too important for these poker players but it will be a nice little bonus. However, these players are likely to have a set amount of money that they can use and if they are able to fill their spare time while playing poker, they will find their bankroll to be money well spent.

Playing poker online is a great activity

There are players that play poker online as a way to develop their skills. Whether this is to beat their friends at a later date or to play in major poker events, developing skills can be of great benefit. Playing online means that there is always an opportunity to practice, which is something that players will learn from and can get rewards at a later date.

There are also players that play poker online so they can try and win money. Whether the player is a professional poker player making a living or they are a casual poker player looking to pick up some extra cash, there is always something available on online poker sites.

No matter what type of poker player you are, you’ll find that one of the best poker online options is found at Bovada Poker. The site has a great reputation for reliability, making this a site you can play on with confidence. There is also a considerable amount of cash on offer at this site. If you like the idea of there being a guaranteed prize pot of $170,000 on offer every Sunday, this is definitely a poker site you will love.

Online Poker USA Players Should Find It Easier To Play

american-flagOne of the best things about poker is that it is a very simple game. Yes, it is difficult to master and it is impossible to know what the turn of the cards will bring but at its heart, poker is a game that people are fond of and have a handle on it very easily. This should indicate that playing poker is a straightforward past-time for most people but sadly, this is not always the case. There are a lot of people that don’t like poker because they see it as gambling and something which will corrupt the people of a nation!

The vast majority of online poker USA players will agree that it is important to create safeguards around poker playing because there is a risk of people becoming too involved with the game or youngsters becoming involved and making bad decisions. You will struggle to find anyone that believes online should be allowed to be run in any shape or form. There is a need for rules, legislation and guidelines for online poker and this is something that the vast majority of people will agree with. However, most people will also agree that the current rules for online poker for American players are draconian and forces otherwise law abiding people into making bad decisions.

Poker should be open to all

This is a great shame because there is no doubt that playing poker can be fun and socially acceptable for many people. It may sound strange but a game that is played online from the comfort of your own home can provide people with the opportunity to have fun and engage with others. This is just one of the benefits that online poker brings to the USA which is why it is good to see that there are some sites that work hard to provide poker players with a great range of poker options.

Poker is a great activity and even though it is getting easier to play poker in the US, it is still not as simple as it should be. However, there are sites like Anonymous Poker which provide players with the opportunity to pit their wits against a wide range of opponents. It doesn’t matter what sort of skill set you have, there is a chance for players to play legally and confidently in the United States.

The laws on poker playing in the US are slowly and surely changing in favour of the player. The progress may be slow but every new state accepting online poker or making it easier for banks to process payments will give more and more people the chance to play online poker.

One of the most important elements about the development of online poker in the USA is the change in mind-set. Many people have been led to believe that it is wrong for them to play online poker, which is certainly not the case. As more and more people realise it is safe and legal to play poker in the USA, the better it will become for all US poker players.

Want to Play Poker For Free? Check this Site Out

freePoker is exciting. It’s about dark nights and bright lights. It’s the excitement of the challenge and the thrill of the win. Poker can also be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Not so long ago, there weren’t a whole lot of people out there that knew about the World Poker Tour and the professionals that play big, win big and even lose big.

The internet and television exposure has brought this game and all the thrills of it to light for so many people, and it’s no wonder that more and more people want to play – and they want to play poker for free.

If you’ve been a player for a long time, you might be thinking that nobody would want to play for free, but think about it; do you ever just want to play a few games for practice? Do you want to put a lot of money on the table if you’re just practicing? No – you save the cash for a real game, and enjoy a free game or two when you can.

That’s the thing with free poker, no matter why you want to play, you might not always want to spend the money to get in on games or join a poker room. That’s no problem now, because there are more options than ever to help you get playing, without spending money to do it.

Consider a free membership

One of the really great things that many online poker rooms are doing is offering a free membership with great benefits for those that haven’t decided they really want to play yet. This gives you a chance to get to know the site, the perks and enjoy some of the free benefits of that site.

For example, Club WPT offers a free membership that many players have been enjoying. With this, you can enjoy perks like an introduction to Texas Hold ‘Em, daily freeroll poker and all the “behind the scenes” information that paid members enjoy with Club WPT.

The perks don’t stop there, though, because Club WPT also offers an odds calculator, tips and advice from the professionals and more.

Do you have to become a paid member?

At Club WPT, like with many other online poker rooms, the idea is for you to see if you enjoy the experience so you will eventually want to become a member, but it’s not essential. So, no matter if you want to try it for a week or you want to stay on as a free member for a year, you’ll never feel like your membership doesn’t count.

However, it’s likely that once you start playing, getting familiar with the site and even winning a little, you’re going to want to enjoy all the perks of being a VIP member.

Playing online poker doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it doesn’t have to cost you a dime. So whether you’re a beginner, or just want to practice for free, you now have more options than ever before.

What Lies In The Future For Real Poker Money?

bank-notesThe fast pace of technology has caught many poker players by surprise which is why the work of is crucial to stay up to date.

Even though the online poker industry is a very young industry in the wider scheme of things, it has experienced a great number of changes in this time. The pace of change in the online community has been phenomenal and it can be difficult for poker players to keep up to date with everything. This is good for the community as a whole but it can mean some players feel left behind by new technology or unsure of what is going to come next.

Get the best information

This is where having a place online where you can stay up to date with the latest and breaking news has to be a sensible idea for poker players. Rather than hunting down poker information, having the new poker news and information presented to players is likely to make a massive difference for everyone involved. The less time players spend on finding poker news and information, the more time will be available to poker players to play the game, which should always be the number one aim of poker players.

The introduction of live casinos to the online environment has been integral to the approach of many poker sites of late. The technology is now in place to sit players around a virtual table and let them see the dealer and the shuffling and dealing of cards. For players who have concerns over the legitimacy of some of the computer based games in an online casino, this is bound to be a big step forward. Safety and security is something that some players overlook when thinking about which online poker site is best for them but it should never be too far from people’s thoughts.

Poker news is good news

Knowing which site provides the best poker opportunities and the latest technology can be an exhausting process but it is good to know that help is at hand. Any poker player looking to make real poker money would be advised to check out the site about real money poker as they have all the information a player could ever need. There are sites popping up all the time and there are always existing sites launching revamps with new games and new offerings. This can make it difficult for poker players to stay in touch with everything that is going on but it is far from an impossible task.

The task of staying up to date is made much simpler when you know which sites to follow but there is a lot of information to be processed. Whether a player is looking for the latest games, the best promotions or perhaps even breaking news about the industry or the big name players, having a poker news site to fall back on can make all the difference. This is where successful poker players know where to look for information.

Lock Poker – Quickly Conquering the Poker Table

bonusLock Poker has been consistently garnering attention from both amateur and professional poker players alike, and for good reason.  This online poker site goes above and beyond to offer their players as many games as possible, and this results in some ground-breaking competitions and excellent incentives to play.

Lock Poker has most recently reclaimed the spotlight due to their collaboration with Bluff Magazine to create the Bluff Pro Challenge, which lasts all of April 2011 and picks a single winner who has had the highest gain in the month’s time.  The BPC is the perfect training ground for players who are trying to work up to or prepare for the World Series of Poker, as there will be plenty of stiff competition.  Prizes for the event include a spot on the cover of Bluff Magazine, a Team LockPRO ELITE membership, spot at the 2011 WSOP Main Event, and professional sponsorship.

This powerful tournament is not a unique occurrence for the site, which spent the entire month of March with the Battle of the Ronin, a tournament geared towards determining which user could earn the most VIP points.  Winners not only received a tidy sum of money (plus rakebacks), but also a seat at the Main Event for the 2011 World Series of Poker.  Lock Poker seems to be a serious contender, if only because they seem to be giving away one of these seats a month, and each one is worth $10,000.

This site is making waves by constantly innovating the way people play poker online, and Lock Poker has recently developed the LockREPLAY, a way for players to rewind and examine each step of a hand that was just played.  In the case of a loss, they can take a look at where they went wrong, and on a grander scale, they can hope to glean some more information about their opponent’s strategy, thereby perfecting their own poker game.

If you’re looking for an impressive bonus for signing up at a poker site, you’ll find few better than that at Lock Poker, available by using the Lock Poker bonus code (there are several floating around, and which you use depends largely on which site refers you, or where you find the code).  The best deal offered by the site involves a 200% match on initial deposits of up to $1200, although some codes also include rakebacks, a certain amount of freerolls, and other incentives as well.  You can find a Lock Poker bonus code on many different sites, but if you’re at a loss, Lock Poker has one available on the promos section of their home page.

While there is no shortage of online poker sites, Lock Poker is quickly becoming known as one of the best.  US players are more than welcome and will find seamless monetary transactions the norm, with no unpleasant complications from the UIGEA.  US and International players alike will enjoy the clean graphics, small to non-existent wait for a poker table, and countless tournaments and freerolls that Lock Poker offers on a daily basis.

Celeb Poker Sit ‘N’ Go Progressive Jackpots

celebritiesCeleb Poker regularly runs 3 Sit ‘N’ tournament series’ with progressive jackpots: the Maui Sit ‘N’ Go Progressive Jackpot, the Rio Sit ‘N’ Go Progressive Jackpot, and the Fort Knox Sit ‘N’ Go Progressive Jackpot.

The Celeb Poker Maui Sit ‘N’ Go is a 6-handed event with a buy-in of $5 + $1. If you can manage to win 5 Maui Sit ‘N’ Gos in a row, then you’ll win a jackpot of at least $15,000 on top of all your prize winnings. The Maui Progressive Jackpot always starts out as $15,000, with $3,500 added to it each week until there’s a winner. That means if nobody wins the Maui Sit ‘N’ Go Progressive Jackpot during the week, Celeb Poker rolls the jackpot over into the following week plus $3.5K making a new jackpot of $18,500, the next week $22,000 and so on after that. Players who don’t win all 5 Maui Sit ‘N’ Gos in a row but finish at least first or second in 5 in a row win a consolation bonus of $200.

The Celeb Poker Rio Sit ‘N’ Go is a 6-handed event with a buy-in of $20 + $3.50. If you can manage to win 6 Rio Sit ‘N’ Gos in a row, then you’ll win a jackpot of at least $25,000 on top of all your prize winnings. The Rio Progressive Jackpot always starts out as $25,000, with $10,000 added to it each week until there’s a winner. That means if nobody wins the Rio Sit ‘N’ Go Progressive Jackpot during the week, Celeb Poker rolls the jackpot over into the following week plus $10K making a new jackpot of $35,000, the next week $45,000 and so on after that. Players who don’t win all 6 Rio Sit ‘N’ Gos in a row but finish at least first or second in 6 in a row win a consolation bonus of $300.

The Celeb Poker Fort Knox Sit ‘N’ Go is a 6-handed event with a buy-in of $50 + $9. If you can manage to win 6 Fort Knox Sit ‘N’ Gos in a row, then you’ll win a jackpot of at least $50,000 on top of all your prize winnings. The Fort Knox Progressive Jackpot always starts out as $50,000, with $10,000 added to it each week until there’s a winner. That means if nobody wins the Fort Knox Sit ‘N’ Go Progressive Jackpot during the week, Celeb Poker rolls the jackpot over into the following week plus $10K making a new jackpot of $60,000, the next week $70,000 and so on after that. Players who don’t win all 6 Fort Knox Sit ‘N’ Gos in a row but finish at least first or second in 6 in a row win a consolation bonus of $750.

For more information about Celeb Poker visit, grab their bonus, sign-up, and play in these amazing Sit ‘N’ Go tournaments.

Win Extra Big With Party Poker Tournament Leader Boards

partyParty Poker maintains tournament leader boards that give players the chance to earn cash bonuses for performance excellence over the long-term. Each month, Party Poker awards players $40,000 in leader board prizes.

There are Weekly Tournament Leader Boards and Monthly Tournament Leader Boards, which are a nice addition to the site’s many awards on offer such as their stunning Party Poker bonuses.

Weekly Tournament Leader Boards

The Weekly Tournament Leader Boards are the Sit & Go Weekly Leader Board and the Multi-table Weekly Leader Board. For both of these, a weekly period is constituted as 0:00 am ET Monday – 11:59 pm ET Sunday. Top prize on each of these two leader boards is $600, with 2nd through 10th places winning a seat in the Party Poker $300K Guaranteed Sunday tournament, and 11th through 50th places winning a ticket into a $1,000 TLB Freeroll tournament.

Monthly Tournament Leader Boards

Similarly, the Monthly Tournament Leader Boards are the Sit & Go Monthly Leader Board and the Multi-table Monthly Leader Board. For both of these, a monthly period is defined as 0:00 am ET on the 1st of the month to 11:59 pm ET on the last of the month. Top prizes on the Sit & Go Monthly Leader Board are $2,500 for 1st, $1,800 for 2nd, and $1,200 for 3rd; top prizes on the Multi-table Monthly Leader Board are $2,000 for 1st, $1,000 for 2nd, and $800 for 3rd.

That makes four Tournament Leader Boards at Party Poker in all: 2 for Sit Go Tournament players and 2 for MTT players. The points you earn at Party Poker tournaments apply toward both your weekly and monthly leader board standings.

Leader board points are figured out based on a special formula that takes multiple factors into account, including the stakes and buy-in of the tournaments you did well in, and how well you did.

The weekly $1,000 TLB Freeroll Tournament will take place on Sundays at 2:00 pm ET and is comprised of players seeding from the Sit & Go and MTT leader boards alike.

For the largest and best Party Poker review, please visit

Titan Poker Satellites for APT Philippines on Now

philippines-flagTitan Poker is one of the leading sponsors of the Asian Poker Tour (APT), and as is frequently offering online satellite tournaments to award free seats to their members into the various main events. With the APT Philippines around the corner, it’s time for Titan Poker to roll out their APT Philippines Super Satellites.

The APT Philippines runs from Aug 23rd until Aug 29. Titan Poker APT Philippines prize packages are worth $5,500 and include the buy-in into the main event, up to $2k for expenses, and 6 nights accommodations at the Manila Marriott Hotel. The actual poker tournament will be played at Resorts World Manila. The direct buy-in for the event is $2,500 + US $200.

Titan Poker satellites into the APT Philippines Main Event come in two different structures. Both structures offer Stage 1 Sit ‘n’ Go satellites and scheduled Stage 1 Satellites to advance players into the APT Philippines Super Satellites where the prize packages to play in the main event in Manila will be awarded. Also, stage 1 satellites advance players directly into the respective APT Philippines Super Satellite, but Titan Poker is even holding Stage 3 satellites starting at just 60 cents advancing players up the ladder to Stage 1 and then the Super Satellite for almost no investment on your part.

The differences between Structure A and Structure B is that Structure A has a higher direct buy-in for the Super Satellites (a $216 Saturday event vs. an $88 Thursday event) and that Structure B offers more add-on and rebuy events.

Titan Poker APT Philippines satellites started on June 21 and will continue up through August 14. The winner of last year’s (2009) APT Philippines was Neil Arce, who claimed a $185,000 payday for his efforts.

The APT Philippines is the kickoff event of this season’s Asian Poker Tour schedule.

Other poker sites that are holding APT Philippines satellites are Celeb Poker (fellow member with Titan Poker of the iPoker Network), PKR, and Party Poker.

Party Poker Offers Players an Opportunity to Win an Aston Martin

partyPoker players at Party Poker will now have the opportunity to not just win stack of chips while playing poker but also a car – and an Aston Martin at that. This popular online poker site wants to fulfill the dreams of it players and giving away a completely new Aston Martin DB9 Coupe for the winner of the Drive the Dream promotion, which is what this offer it titled.

This will give poker players the chance to live it up James Bond style by winning a brand new car that many people’s dreams are made of.

To be a part of the site’s Drive the Dream promotion players will first have to be registered users of Party Poker who have already made a first deposit. However, players must also have sharp poker skills as they will be required to compete with each other in the final game to come put on top and claim the prize. The finale vent for this promotion hosted by Party Poker will beheld in London and players will have to vie with each other for an Aston Martin there.

Players can make their way to this event by participating in any one of the qualifiers or tourneys on offer at Party Poker. This online site is offering freerolls and qualifier poker games that take place daily at Party Poker. Players who come out on top in these events and manage to qualify will then be pushed forward to be a part of the monthly poker games until the final event which takes place in London. This promotion is awarding five lucky players with free packages to the final poker event which will take place on the 2nd of October 2010.

Players have plenty of time to get into this tourney and can even get in for free should they win a Freeroll hosted at the site. For more details, players are encouraged to contact the site and learn more about this promotion. Party Poker has a special section devoted to explaining this promotion and listing out the different events taking place at the site such as freerolls and qualifiers. Players will only have to check this page to know what they can do to get into the event.

Titan Poker Launches Two Free 2010 WSOP Main Event Packages

wsopTitan Poker recently announced a tie up deal that the poker site had made with that would result in tow large WSOP main event packages being given away to lucky players for no cost whatsoever.

These packages will get players interested in being part of the World Series of Poker, a chance to cut to the chase and fast forward right to the main table. This would mean that the winners of these two packages will not have to battle their way through several other poker players and risk the possibility of falling out before the main prize was on the line.

These two packages are for the Main Event at the 2010 WSOP and players can get in on the action by participating in one of the freerolls hosted by the site. These freerolls will end on The 8th of May 2010. Should the players win the freeroll, they will be able to take a seat in the 2010 WSOP final table. The package is worth $10,000 which is the agreed upon buy-in got this years 2010 Main Event. Winners will also enjoy the many benefits that they will earn from the package as a result of the deal that Titan Poker made with PokerListings. This will include entry to the PokerListings VIP Champion Camp which allows its members to have a sophisticated Las Vegas experience by going out on helicopter tours, and enjoy fine dining at some of Vegas’ best restaurants and shopping at some of the more effluent boutiques.

In addition to the two WSOP packages on offer to players, the site has also made provisions for players to benefit from PokerListings’ promotions and get rewards that include designer suits, fashion accessories like sunglasses and professional poker strategy lessons designed to help players hone their skills before they sit down at the WSOP. Players are encouraged to bet well at these events so as to increase their winning potential and Titan Poker has made an allowance for this by proving members with cash prizes. Winners of the packages will also be able to purchase plane tickets for their friends and loved ones who would want to come and watch the final game.