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PokerStars Mac Options Ensures Everyone Can Join In

PokerStarsWhen it comes to playing online poker, there is a lot to be said for the old adage “the more the merrier.” Knowing that there are more poker players to pit your wits against is always a good thing for poker players and if you are looking for a viable online poker site, you want to find one that can give you plenty of opponents. This means a poker site has to be open to all players and it has to go out of its way to bring as many players to the poker table as possible.

This is definitely the case with PokerStars Mac. This poker site knows the benefits of providing incentives for players to join up with them and if you are focused on obtaining a big welcome bonus, this could be the site that is right for you. Any player that makes a deposit of at least $20, you will receive a bonus of $20 worth of free play on the site. Not only that but new players will receive a ticket to take part in the 100K Privilege Freerolls. This is a great bonus because it offers players the opportunity to play up to four different tournaments every single day for 31 days. This will offer players the chance to play for a share of at least $100,000. Any poker player that wants to get the best possible start on an online poker site will find that PokerStars is the place to play.

PokerStars is open to all

Another reason why PoksterStars is considered to be one of the busiest and best online poker sites is down to the fact that Mac players are able to join in the fun. The PokerStars Mac option ensures that everyone can play and this is a hugely important feature for players. Knowing that you can play against all of your friends, whether they have a PC or Mac, is a great comfort for all online poker players.

In order for players to earn their free $20, they need to utilise the FREE20 code when they make a real money deposit of at least $20. The credit will be applied to a player’s account within a period of thirty six hours, allowing players to gain access to their bonus in a short period of time. The fact that the bonus is readily available and easy to obtain should be of interest to all online poker players.

New Jersey Poker Players Receive A Blow

PokerStarsWhile New Jersey poker plans have been reveling in their new found freedom, there has been a setback for players with the news that PokerStars have had their review process suspended for a period of two years. Given the size and scope of PokerStars, a number of players were looking forward to this company setting up in the state.

There are a number of US poker sites for real money but few lack the size, strength and gravitas of PokerStars. Their appearance in the US market would have indicated just how strong the market was again and could have led the way for other firms to make their appearance in the USA.

The state of New Jersey released a statement saying;

“The Division of Gaming Enforcement has determined that the application of the PokerStars casino service industry licensure will be held in a suspended status for a period of two years.  “The Division, within that period, may consider a request for relief to reactivate the application if significantly changed circumstances are demonstrated at which time the Division’s investigation of PokerStars and its affiliated entities and associated individuals will be resumed to assess suitability.”

A further statement was issued by the Regulators in New Jersey saying;

“The Division’s determination is based primarily on the unresolved federal indictment against Isai Scheinberg for the alleged violation of federal gambling statutes, namely, the Illegal Gambling Business Act and [UIGEA], and the involvement of certain PokerStars executives with Internet gaming operations in the United States following the enactment of UIGEA.”

PokerStars suffered badly with Black Friday

It would be fair to say that PokerStars were one of the big names that Black Friday set out to attack. In the summer of 2012, PokerStars, while admitting no wrongdoing, paid more than $730million to the US Government. The company managed to obtain Full Tilt Poker in the deal but they were told that if they wanted to come back into the US poker market, they would have to do so in a jurisdiction where there was an opportunity to gain an online licence and they were granted to do so.

PokerStars released a statement saying;

“We are disappointed that the N.J. Division of Gaming Enforcement has suspended the review of our application at this time. We note that the DGE will resume the review of our application if our circumstances change. We will remain in open dialogue with the DGE and will update them on changes in our situation as they occur.”

This is definitely a blow to PokerStars but they are probably one of the online poker companies who will be able to carry on regardless after such an outcome. As the biggest poker site in the world, it is not as if they are struggling for players and just because New Jersey has knocked them back doesn’t mean that they have no options in the United States. The company still has every chance to be licenced in the United States in 2014 and given half the chance, there is no doubt that the company would love to be valid in California.

When PokerStars first looked into receiving legislation in the US, they were looking to be active in Nevada. The company had managed to strike up the beginning of a partnership with Wynn Resorts. Sadly, these plans were struck down when Black Friday happened but of course, PokerStars got their head down and got on with things. They will need to have this attitude again after the New Jersey setback. No one would truly bet against PokerStars getting to where they want to be in life, but it will be a struggle.

Online Poker USA Players Should Find It Easier To Play

american-flagOne of the best things about poker is that it is a very simple game. Yes, it is difficult to master and it is impossible to know what the turn of the cards will bring but at its heart, poker is a game that people are fond of and have a handle on it very easily. This should indicate that playing poker is a straightforward past-time for most people but sadly, this is not always the case. There are a lot of people that don’t like poker because they see it as gambling and something which will corrupt the people of a nation!

The vast majority of online poker USA players will agree that it is important to create safeguards around poker playing because there is a risk of people becoming too involved with the game or youngsters becoming involved and making bad decisions. You will struggle to find anyone that believes online should be allowed to be run in any shape or form. There is a need for rules, legislation and guidelines for online poker and this is something that the vast majority of people will agree with. However, most people will also agree that the current rules for online poker for American players are draconian and forces otherwise law abiding people into making bad decisions.

Poker should be open to all

This is a great shame because there is no doubt that playing poker can be fun and socially acceptable for many people. It may sound strange but a game that is played online from the comfort of your own home can provide people with the opportunity to have fun and engage with others. This is just one of the benefits that online poker brings to the USA which is why it is good to see that there are some sites that work hard to provide poker players with a great range of poker options.

Poker is a great activity and even though it is getting easier to play poker in the US, it is still not as simple as it should be. However, there are sites like Anonymous Poker which provide players with the opportunity to pit their wits against a wide range of opponents. It doesn’t matter what sort of skill set you have, there is a chance for players to play legally and confidently in the United States.

The laws on poker playing in the US are slowly and surely changing in favour of the player. The progress may be slow but every new state accepting online poker or making it easier for banks to process payments will give more and more people the chance to play online poker.

One of the most important elements about the development of online poker in the USA is the change in mind-set. Many people have been led to believe that it is wrong for them to play online poker, which is certainly not the case. As more and more people realise it is safe and legal to play poker in the USA, the better it will become for all US poker players. Covers the History of Poker – and More

pocket-acesSome online poker players want to know more about the games they choose to play, and by looking at the history of poker, many players can better understand the game itself.  Those that want to play online Texas Hold ‘Em know that it takes a great source of information to help them choose the best online poker room for their needs, and that’s why has worked so hard to provide all the information that players need to make solid choices when it comes to their online poker room.

JANUARY 30, 2013 – For online poker players that want to see more from a review site, there is now a place where players can go to find out everything they ever wanted to know about poker – and it’s growth into the online world as well. isn’t just a solid review site, it’s a place where every online poker player that loves to play Texas Hold ‘Em can go – for free – and learn all about the game that they love to play.

This site features top notch information about the history of the game, so you get a better idea of how it’s evolved over the years, and how online poker might change in the future.  Then, when you’re ready, you can check out hones reviews of the different online poker rooms that focus on Texas Hold ‘Em, so you can choose a great poker room that meets your needs the first time around.

No more wondering if you’re making the right choice and wasting time trying to navigate a complicated online poker room.  No more wondering what you’re getting yourself into or finding that you’re sorely disappointed with the poker room that you’ve chosen, because this site provides players with all the information that they need to make an informed choice about where they play.

Those who are eager to play online Texas Hold ‘Em knows that is one of the best places to look for information about the online poker rooms.  The rooms that this site reviews feature Texas Hold ‘Em game, and the reviewers make sure to cover essentials about each poker room, such as game play, tournaments, bonuses and rewards, and whether players get to play for real cash.  These reviews have helped many players to choose an online poker room that suits them, and the people behind the site are working hard to ensure that you continue to enjoy playing Texas Hold ‘Em your way. Should Be Your Online Poker Home

bank-notesThe pace of change within the online poker industry has caught many players by surprise. One minute a player may think that they are at the cutting edge of the industry obtaining all of the best bonuses available and the next minute, they are receiving nothing. This is because there is so much going on in the industry, so many new sites appearing each day and so many different rules and regulations that the chief online poker sites have to react and respond to.

Playing poker can be fun but to ensure that a player gets the best options available to them, they need to stay up to date with what the industry has to offer. This is why regularly returning to the site is one of the most sensible decisions a player will make. With new sites popping up all the time, it can be helpful to know what the latest offers and bonuses are. The importance of having a strong bankroll is crucial for online poker players and staying up to date with the latest trends and offerings can certainly help a player stay on top of their game.

Stay informed of the latest events

Not only that but it is good to know if there are any upcoming tournaments or major events taking place. The is not only the best place to evaluate the merits of online poker real money rooms and site; it can be the best place to stay informed of the biggest poker events. The news section of the site is continually updated with what is taking place and any player that fancies taking on the biggest names and playing for the biggest prizes should keep themselves up to date.

When an industry moves as fast as the online poker industry moves, it is crucial that players stay up to date with what is going on. There is no doubt that finding the best bonuses and promotions can help a poker player to make better use of their time and money, so it is important that they check out what is on offer.

Even though the online poker industry is still an emerging industry, it has been through many changes and developments in its time. These changes show no signs of stopping so any online poker player that wants to remain informed of what is taking place in their industry needs to take action and visit this time.

WPT has a Poker School

school-tableAre you one of those people that think it would be great to play online poker, but you don’t know how?  Do you ever wish you had the skills, but aren’t sure where you should go to learn how to play?  Now, you’re in luck, because WPT Poker (visit this site for more info) offers some of the very best tools so you can become the best poker player you can be.

No matter if you already know how to play the game, and just want to refresh your skills, or you need to learn from scratch, WPT can help you.

Start at the beginning

Unlike other online poker rooms that jump around with what they teach you, WPT believes that every online poker player should have the chance to start from scratch if they need to.  This is why this site provides step by step education.  So you have the option to skip around when you need.  It starts with the rules of the game – and moves on from there.

Essential Tips

Sometimes, players just want a few tips to help them get batter in their game.  You’ll love the section that features Poker Tips.  Everyone from the very experienced, to the very new will be sure to benefit from these tips.  They come from professionals, so you know that you’re not just getting your information from just anyone.

Poker etiquette

You might not think that it’s important to know the etiquette of the game, but you would be wrong.  Poker has special nuances and there are certain practices that are acceptable and some things that are just not done.  If you don’t follow the etiquette, it can make you look inexperienced and in some cases, even get you banned, so knowing the expectations of the game can help you to avoid making a mistake.

Other sites might not cover this essential part of online poker, and this can put players in a tough spot, because the etiquette is the same for almost all online poker rooms.  Trust WPT Poker to help you to be a considerate player that wins the right way, with no worries that you’ve done something wrong.

No matter what it is that you need to know about playing online poker, WPT Poker can help you to become a better poker player.  Why not stop in to check out the Poker School and stay to play some games?  The only thing you’ll get is better. – A Source For Top Reviews

www-mouseMany online poker players have tried and tried to find the very best poker review site, and are left wanting more from the sites that they choose for reviews.  Some online poker players have found that they would rather to simply take their chances on an online poker room without a review than think that they have all the information they need.  There is now a review site that offers players just what they want and much more.

MAY 26, 2012 – Online poker players finally have a great option when it comes to online poker site reviews.  This site is called Play Poker Online and it’s got everything that players want and more.  For starters, all the reviews are written by professional poker players, so they are honest and objective.  The reviews that players will find on Play Poker Online don’t just feature poker sites that offer kickbacks for the endorsement; instead, this review site provides reviews on all of the top online poker sites that people love to play.

Poker players can find out which online poker sites have the biggest tournaments, the skill level of the average player on each site and get details about bonuses, rewards and winnings.  Some sites don’t offer cash winnings, and Play Poker Online will make sure that players understand how they can take advantage of their winnings before they even get started.

Players that check out can expect to find many benefits, such as a standard review format that includes detailed information about the online poker room, information about the games that are offered, the tournaments that can be played and what countries the online poker site is friendly in.  These are reviews that players are really able to count on when they want to ensure that they are choosing the right poker site for their needs.

For players that want to know the rules of each online poker game, the rules section is a must have; it covers the general rules of poker for new players and thoroughly details all of the rules for each poker game out there, so whether you’re playing Hold ‘Em games or community games, players can feel confident that they are familiar with the rules of each.

For players that are still seeking more, they will be pleased with the additional perks, such as the industry news section.  This is where those that want to stay in the loop can find out everything that has to do with big tournaments that are coming out, new bonuses that have been set and even find news on the developments of online poker around the world.  Players can even find out about the big professional poker players out there.

When online poker players are looking for a great online poker review site, they choose to turn to Play Poker Online for everything they need to choose the very best site for their needs.

BetOnline Poker Integrity is Questioned

integrityOnline poker player forums and threads are buzzing with player complaints regarding BetOnline Poker, a relatively new poker site that launched six months ago and is said to be targeting the U.S. online poker market.

BetOnline Poker opened in May of this year following the Black Friday shutdowns of Full Tilt, PokerStars and Absolute Poker, as a poker room affiliated with, a sportsbook operation. According to John Mehaffey, who writes a blog known as pokeraddict, the BetOnline poker site was controversial from the start as the site reportedly told players that the poker room was located on the Hero Poker Network when, in reality, players could find it on the Action Poker Network, which is made up of sites such as PayNoRake and Tiger Gaming. The Action Poker Network was thought to be in financial trouble with solvency issues and it is believed that BetOnline Poker was attempting to conceal the fact that they would join a network in financial distress.

The first serious issue at the site is the security of their software. Pokeraddict claims to have logged on to both Action Poker and BetOnline simultaneously and played himself heads-up. This problem was confirmed by other players who played against each other at the same table from the same IP address. This is a tremendously serious problem that has the potential for all sorts of player collusion possibilities. Having access to multiple accounts from a lone internet connection and single computer should not be at all possible at any reputable internet poker site.

Several BetOnline Poker players claim to have experienced having their online accounts frozen by BetOnline after requesting a cashout and that the poker site accused them of chip dumping. The dumping of chips, when a player loses their chips to another poker player on purpose, is often the result of a deposit made with a stolen credit card. The chip dumpee attempts to withdraw the ill-gotten cash before the poker site realizes that a fraudulent credit card was used by the chip dumper.

Among the biggest recent discrepancies attributed to BetOnline Poker was from a player named Greg with a screen name on the site of CrackAtack who claims that BetOnline accused him of cheating and chip dumping when he attempted to withdraw $15,000 from a bankroll of $65,000 that he won on the site. Greg attempted many times to obtain his money from BetOnline and was apparently given a runaround that included being forced to “rollover” play on the sportsbook, communicate with many supervisors regarding the allegations of cheating and was repeatedly denied access to the hand histories that the poker site cited as the reason for locking his account due to chip dumping. BetOnline, in refusing to provide all the hand histories of the alleged cheating, said, “the complete hand history is too massive for it to be sent. But I will personally send you the hands in which you were found cheating. If that is ok with you.”

It’s hard to fathom that a poker site would not be willing to provide all the hand histories in question when a player accused of cheating requests them for the reason that the histories are “too massive.” As was succintly said by, who also got involved in the controversy, “For the record most every online poker site in the industry immediately releases hand histories to players upon their request in FULL anytime they are requested, especially during a dispute.”

After posting his concerns on the 2 + 2 online poker forum and receiving many tales of similar behavior from BetOnline from other players, the story has a happy ending as BetOnline issued the following public statement in regards to Greg’s account:

“After an exhaustive and extensive investigation we have of the players activity we have taken the decision to honor the players claim to his winnings.

As a new poker platform we believe it is essential to maintain the utmost security in our systems for the safety of our players and to conform to our regulatory obligations of our license. It’s not a fast process but ultimately it is the fairest.

We appreciate the patience of the poker community during this process and wish best of luck to you all.”, which provides ratings for sites that offer betting on sports and tries to stay away from online casino and poker ratings unless “there are SERIOUS issues with a legit sports betting site,” has offered the following rating or advice for anyone thinking of placing wagers at BetOnline, either at the sportsbook or BetOnline Poker:

“Sports Betting Sites still believes BetOnline is an okay option for sports bettors living in the United States, but at this time strongly advises players to avoid all non sports betting products offers. This includes their casino and most especially includes their online poker room.”

Keep Your Hand In With Poker News

news-papersOne of the great things about poker, and there are many great things about poker, is that there is always something happening in the world with respect to the game. The fact that there are so many bodies with their own touring schedule ensures that no matter the time of year, there is likely to be a major poker game going on. This creates a brilliant opportunity for players to win big money and events but it also means there will be a lot of news floating around. Many poker players like to follow the careers of the big name stars and it is always good to see if an up and coming player springs from nowhere to win a major event.

Poker news should be exciting

After all, for the millions of amateur poker players around the world, this is the dream so knowing that other people have managed to succeed can be a spur or inspiration for other people playing the game. This is why it is important to have a news feed of top poker tournaments and this is something that the Real Gambling site provides. Some news sites provide automated news feeds and PR releases that don’t get to the human aspect of poker; they can sound a bit dry. The team at Real Gambling have all dabbled with poker in their time, some more successfully than the others, so know the excitement that comes with the game. This hopefully comes across with their reporting, taking the automated news feeds one step further.

What promotions are right for you?

It is also fair to say that the online poker market has exploded with a great number of poker sites to choose from. Even though consumer choice is usually a great thing, it can sometimes cause trouble in trying to work out which is the best site to use. Even with most poker sites competing hard on promotions and bonuses, it can still be a struggle for a poker player to decide which one is right for them. This is something that Real Gambling examines and tries to make the process a little bit easier. There is no way anyone could take the time required to examine all of the options available for online poker, so there needs to be a narrowing down of the options. Providing a best of the best scenario is a great way for poker fans to get up to date with the sites that should get most of their attention and focus.

Real Gambling provides this with reviews of some of the best poker sites and with updates about the latest promotions. The less time you have to spend trawling around poker sites, the more time you will have to spend playing poker. This is obviously the most important aspect for poker players and is something that Real Gambling provides. If you want to keep your hand in with all the latest poker news and reviews, Real Gambling is the site to go to, to stay on track.

Five Good Reasons to Play at Lock Poker

5-reasonsWith so many online poker sites available, it’s difficult to know which one to choose.  Fortunately, Lock Poker remains a solid site that offers players many good reasons to join.  The top five reasons are:

Reason one:  It’s one of the few good sites left standing after United States v. Sheinberg et al. and United States v. PokerStars et al. Remember when poker players were allowed to play for enjoyment or profit without the United States government interfering and complicating everything?  Yeah, we don’t either.  Since Black Friday, however, the three largest poker sites that allowed US players (Full Tilt, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker) are gone, and it’s up to the other sites to fill in the void.  Lock Poker has been a strong contender that has been gathering steam for quite a while; this may be just the opportunity the site needs to become the new number one.

Reason two:  The Lock Poker bonus for joining (available through the site with a Lock Poker bonus code) is one of the best incentive programs currently in existence.  The website currently offers a 150% match on the first $750 you deposit (for a total return of $1125), and it is available with the Lock Poker bonus code LOCK150.  Sometimes other sites get better deals, and because incentive offers always change, you should be sure to look around for the best Lock Poker bonus code so that you can get the most out of your deposit.

Reason three:  Lock Poker has the quickest reported turnaround and the easiest payment system for funding your account as well as withdrawing funds.  Lock Poker has the highest credit card acceptance rate, and they’re absolute pros at processing echecks and using ewallet accounts.  For players who are willing to wait a while for their payments, Lock Poker also issues checks to customers who request them.  This site is well known for being accommodating to poker players from the United States.  The reason that Lock Poker can handle your account like a pro is simple:  they hire internet payment processing professionals to manage your money transfers and your account as quickly and securely as possible.

Reason four:  Tournaments.  Lots of tournaments.  Tournaments with cash prizes and more.  Lock Poker has freerolls, so you don’t have to pay anything (except maybe some VIP points), and you have the chance to win not only money, but also seats at major poker tournaments, such as the World Series of Poker.  Because Lock Poker has so many players, there’s a lot of inexperienced players, especially at the lower levels (as with any site, high stakes games are going to be full of experienced players), giving you a real shot at winning and bettering your poker game.

Reason five:  The Lock Poker software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.  Most systems are only Windows-compatible, which is bad news for our artistic Mac friends.  Sites that do cater to PC and Mac very rarely offer programs that run on Linux, so Lock Poker is the best site for the security-loving penguin fans out there.