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Lock Poker – Quickly Conquering the Poker Table

bonusLock Poker has been consistently garnering attention from both amateur and professional poker players alike, and for good reason.  This online poker site goes above and beyond to offer their players as many games as possible, and this results in some ground-breaking competitions and excellent incentives to play.

Lock Poker has most recently reclaimed the spotlight due to their collaboration with Bluff Magazine to create the Bluff Pro Challenge, which lasts all of April 2011 and picks a single winner who has had the highest gain in the month’s time.  The BPC is the perfect training ground for players who are trying to work up to or prepare for the World Series of Poker, as there will be plenty of stiff competition.  Prizes for the event include a spot on the cover of Bluff Magazine, a Team LockPRO ELITE membership, spot at the 2011 WSOP Main Event, and professional sponsorship.

This powerful tournament is not a unique occurrence for the site, which spent the entire month of March with the Battle of the Ronin, a tournament geared towards determining which user could earn the most VIP points.  Winners not only received a tidy sum of money (plus rakebacks), but also a seat at the Main Event for the 2011 World Series of Poker.  Lock Poker seems to be a serious contender, if only because they seem to be giving away one of these seats a month, and each one is worth $10,000.

This site is making waves by constantly innovating the way people play poker online, and Lock Poker has recently developed the LockREPLAY, a way for players to rewind and examine each step of a hand that was just played.  In the case of a loss, they can take a look at where they went wrong, and on a grander scale, they can hope to glean some more information about their opponent’s strategy, thereby perfecting their own poker game.

If you’re looking for an impressive bonus for signing up at a poker site, you’ll find few better than that at Lock Poker, available by using the Lock Poker bonus code (there are several floating around, and which you use depends largely on which site refers you, or where you find the code).  The best deal offered by the site involves a 200% match on initial deposits of up to $1200, although some codes also include rakebacks, a certain amount of freerolls, and other incentives as well.  You can find a Lock Poker bonus code on many different sites, but if you’re at a loss, Lock Poker has one available on the promos section of their home page.

While there is no shortage of online poker sites, Lock Poker is quickly becoming known as one of the best.  US players are more than welcome and will find seamless monetary transactions the norm, with no unpleasant complications from the UIGEA.  US and International players alike will enjoy the clean graphics, small to non-existent wait for a poker table, and countless tournaments and freerolls that Lock Poker offers on a daily basis.

Best Poker Website is the One That Feels Right For You

simply-the-bestAlthough wanting to know what the best poker website is can be a natural question for most online poker players, it is not one that can be answered satisfactorily. After all, the best poker website for one player may not be suitable for other players.

It is possible to determine which poker sites are not very good, they will have poor games, a poor choice of games and a layout that is difficult but when it comes to finding the poker sites that stand out from the rest, it becomes very difficult. This is partly testimony to the number of great poker sites that are available to play online but also due to the wide range in taste that people have.

There is a wide range of poker games to play

When it comes to finding the best poker website, it makes sense that the one with the best selection of games will be a great choice. After all, poker is not just a single game, there is Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 Card Draw, Stud games and so many variations on the same style and theme. Some poker players will be more confident and proficient in certain poker games than others so to make sure a site caters for all of their potential players, it has to offer all of these poker games.

Another thing that the best poker website will have is regular tournaments with great prizes. A big cash prize is always enticing but many poker sites offer seats at major poker events.

Playing on these websites provides the opportunity to go head to head against some of the biggest names in poker and even better, the prize includes hotels, flights and even spending money. The incentives for playing are some of the most important things when it comes to a poker site and many players prefer the site that gives them the biggest prizes.

Can you win a place at a big poker event?

Dreaming of going to a major poker event may seem a far way off for many novice poker players but the best poker website is one that provides tutorials and playing tips for poker players. Poker is an easy game to understand but a difficult game to master so it makes sense for a player to get as much as advice as they can. It never hurts to brush up on your skills and with many sites providing a tutorial and rule breakdown for all the games they have on site, players can get up to speed in no time at all.

There is never going to be one poker website that can be declared the best poker website but it has to contain all of these elements and more. If you find a poker site that works for you and you enjoy playing it, there is not much need to try many more.